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  • Dior Spring 2015
  • Dior Spring 2015
  • Dior Spring 2015
  • Dior Spring 2015

#PFW Raf Simons, Leading The Conversation At Dior.

Raf Simons continues to make waves at Dior for his avant-garde and audacious designs for the classic Parisian fashion house. Simons has been lauded for his blend of history, present and future in both prêt-à-porter and haute couture collections.

New designers at the helm of old fashion houses will always be subject to comparison with whom they succeeded, particularly in the case of iconic ateliers who have steadfastly contributed copious amounts to the fashion landscape. The freshly appointed often delve into the history of a brand, reinventing its archive and re-appropriating house motifs and hallmarks. Simons on the other hand seems adamant not to let the past have a louder voice than his own. "I like that Christian Dior has such a historical approach, but it will always be my goal to bring a lot of reality, dynamism and movement. In this collection we injected a lot of things that have nothing to do with Christian Dior. The skater pant for example, or an easy sweater".

It's this attitude which is scoring favour with the present day woman. She wears a silk shirt with weathered boyfriend jeans, an embellished skirt with an oversized chunky knit and has no qualms about mixing luxury with basics, ready-to-wear with street wear all the while pulling from any number of style tribes to create a unique personal look. Simons' shared love of juxtaposition can be seen in Dior Spring 2015 as each new look revealed the development of the collection. A crisp, slick and utterly modern beginning that sinks into centuries past with Victorian inspired necklines, waist accentuating blazers and summer shirt dresses which borrowed more than a little from the lace and cotton undergarments of a bygone era. And how about those skater pants Simons mentioned - styled with dramatic floor sweeping coats in splendid jewel tones. go behind the scenes with Raf Simons and interview influential show-goers in a precise round up of the Dior Spring 2015 collection. Click through to view the video.

Dior, PC Hooftstraat 100.

Posted by:  Emma Keesing

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