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Chanel No.5: The One That I Want, A New Film.

Chanel have released a brand new short film for the iconic No.5 fragrance for women. Gisele Bündchen steps into the shoes of No.5 alumni Nicole Kidman for Karl Lagerfeld's new take on the quintessential Chanel woman.

Lagerfeld's fascination with sports (a motif & design influence in recent work) can once again be seen in the film as Gisele - arguably the ultimate beach babe - takes on the mesmerising and ferocious surf with her Chanel branded board and delightfully skimpy wetsuit. The film is certainly a change in pace compared to previous efforts from the fashion house, as our heroine retreats to the surf to reflect on falling unlucky in love with Dutch actor Michael Huisman (of Game of Thrones fame).

As a moody cover of the Grease soundtrack song ‘The One That I Want’ is performed in the background, a note is left and an ultimatum given, is this a love worth saving? Of course, if it was a Chanel bag we were talking about there would be no question! Games of the heart are a different story.

Watch the short film over on Chanel’s Youtube channel to find out.

Shop the fragrance exclusively at Chanel makeup counters, and visit the store at Chanel, PC Hooftstraat 66-68.

Posted by:  Emma Keesing

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